Friday, October 11, 2013

October Occurrences

     Well...I has been a while since I have posted anything.  Trust me, it is not because I lack insight or am unable  to write a complete sentence.  I have not posted lately because it seems that every time I get started, I get interrupted with "here is one more thing you need to do" or "this needs to be done now."
     As most of you know, our world today seems obsessed with forms, busy work, lack of real communication, and the me attitude.  We, as people in society and as consumers, allow the influence of what I like to call "fluff-stuff waste" to overpower our lives.
     What am I talking about?  First, I am talking about how there seems to be a form for everything.  Just think about how many forms you fill out in a month.  I mean--count them up! I am not just talking about paper forms; I am also talking about online forms.  There are even forms to have forms emailed to you. Recently, the United States government has made it mandatory for all people to have health insurance. Guess what?  When people tried to access sites to get the needed information to fill out the necessary forms, the site was overloaded and was not available.  To me, there seems to be a form for everything.  Are we really a better person and society because we fill out forms?  I suppose I really think that most forms are busy work that allow someone to justify a job that is really not necessary.  Instead of forging on we are forming on!
     Thus, I come to my thoughts on busy work.  Busy work seems to abound almost everywhere.  Even recreational clubs and organizations have a meeting to discuss meeting dates.  How many meetings are filled with items that should take a few minutes to discuss but turn into an hour or more worth of unnecessary time spent repeating or rehashing simple items.  As a society, we seem to be into meeting mania but lack focus and purpose.  It is sad that so many folks out there feel the need to justify life with mandatory meeting mania. Perhaps more people should find a meaningful hobby to occupy their time and lead them toward fulfillment.
     While I think about it, it seems that people find no fulfillment is face to face communication.  In the past month, I do not remember one person confronting me face to face when they wanted something.  It is really rather easy to email someone whatever you want because you do not have to deal with an immediate response nor do you have to deal with seeing their emotions.  Emailing and text messaging are not equal to talking!  We no longer have a personal touch to life.
     The lack of the personal touch to life brings me to my last point.  We are all in this world together, and we are all part of the big picture.  We need to start acting like we are people and not computers.  We need to stop allowing people to justify their "self" by cluttering our lives with their me attitude.
     It always seems that just when I am on a rant, then something comes along and reminds me that those little things are really not important in regard to the big picture.  One day when I was just about sick of  the "me attitude" that abounded around me, I saw this inspiring sight in the sky above me and could not help but take a picture of it. The message it seemed to give me that day was that I need to check the box next to "don't sweat the small stuff" rather than checking the box next to "take care of this now".  Despite all of the "fluff-stuff waste," God always seems to take the time to remind me to focus on the right things!  If God is at the top of the list, the rest just does not matter.