Saturday, March 10, 2012

March or May?

Yes, it March in Missouri and feels like May. Warm, almost balmy, temperatures are here. Now, the big question is if the temperature will hold out. I would have to say it is a bit early to count on the end of frost for the season. It seems that Missouri weather can play tricks on even the most seasoned Missourian.
Only time will tell what is in store for the rest of March. We may very well be starting the Spring season early; however, this may just be the trickery of "Mother Nature". Whatever will be will be as far as the Missouri weather.
I am sincerely happy for the mild winter and the Springlike temperatures. From past years, I have grown to dislike the frigid Winter winds, ice storms, and knee deep snow storms. It is great to be outside in the mild temperatures and watch the new calves run through the already greening pastures.