Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland...or Not!

Living in the central area of Missouri can have challenges! The foremost challenge I see is the lovely variations of weather that seem to persist. Yesterday, the temperature rose to the 60's...yes, it is December. This morning, I woke up to a pleasant 51; however, within an hour the temperature had dropped to 45. The forecast predicts mid 30's by afternoon.
Oh, I do love weather changes...NOT! It is this up and down change that can sometimes catch me by surprise. I must remember to keep a bag of clothes in the car...just in case. If the breeze happens from the South, I need shorts and t-shirt. If the breeze shifts and comes from the North, I need my fuzzy winter coat and snow boots. Then, there are always those in-between days.
I have not resolved the issue of how to store the variety of gear in my vehicle. Plastic tubs seem too large, even the smaller ones are bulky. Plastic bags seem to open at will and strew "stuff" all over the vehicle. By the way, I am not a plastic bag fan. I am not sure why I dislike plastic bags so may the warning on them that states "may cause suff0cation" or "may cause death". I have resorted to using a couple of "free" gym bags/reusable bags.
Storage aside, winter weather is here on an "on and off" basis for the next couple of months. Winter weather in Missouri is a treat. Just last week, I came to realize that Missouri attracts every terrible driver who has ever lived. Within a 40 mile radius, there were 200 accidents. Yes, it did snow. Well, I am not sure what it takes to define snow. There was, in my estimation, a light dusting. Most of the area had 1/2 to 1 inch. Even a flurry seems to make people forget any driving ability they may have had. This is only the beginning of the winter wonderland. On a positive note, drivers seem to adjust as more snow/ice arrives.
Drivers-move over. Winter weather is here for us to enjoy! Oh, I love a beautiful and plentiful snow fall. When I am down about the dreary gray days, I think of "To Autumn". This John Keats poem reminds me that Fall is not the end of life but the beginning, for it is in Fall that nature dies down but readily is starting on the journey toward new life.
On a lighter note, I would like to leave you with this:
Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Snow who?
Snow business like show business!
May God Bless each and every person during this festive holiday season. My hope is that we all remember Jesus is the Reason for this Season! Until later, Happy Sledding!

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  1. Thanks Pat. Enjoyed reading Winter Weather but not living in the Winter Weather. God bless you.